17157774_1437805786251367_4018959227845967512_oYesterday I learned of the passing of beautiful lady, Connie Scafturon. On the day when women around the globe were called upon to BeBoldForChange, we lost a woman who quietly, passionately, lovingly brought change to her family, her church, her neighborhood ~ to me.

In high school I was a mess. My Type-A determination, troublesome strength, and misdirected resolve came out in anger, frustration, and defiance. Connie was my Good Samaritan. She walked across the road and lifted me out of the ditch in so many ways. She brought me into the church office and gave me a part-time job, caring for me at a time when I didn’t, believing in me at a time when I couldn’t, loving me at a time when I wouldn’t ~ bold actions at a time when I needed them most.

Over the years, we shared Christmas cards and the occasional dessert. Fortunately came the opportunity to extend my thanks for her divine intervention. Remembering her position as our church parish worker, she shook off my words of gratitude, “I was just doing my job…” No, Connie, you were just sharing the love and faithfulness of a God I couldn’t see, couldn’t appreciate, couldn’t find. And for that I will be forever grateful. You were blessed to be a blessing, not just to one troubled teen, but to so many!