After running errands, Kurt walked in the door and asked to sit down with me.

“You’re going to see the receipts anyway, so I wanted to tell you want I’ve done.”

Kurt took out his phone and showed me a picture of a bracelet he’d purchased.

“I’m having it engraved: “WOLK” on the front and “2018” on the back.”

Remembering my “Walk the WOLK” message, Kurt added, “That was such a great idea that you came up with.”

I stopped him. “No, Kurt, it wasn’t my idea. It was God’s. It’s His loving kindness that I’m able to share, that we’re able to share.”

Yes, God’s loving kindness was our saving grace.

God’s loving kindness is the loving kindness (theWOLK) that we’re able to share.

God’s loving kindness is the Love, Joy, Peace and Hope that we get to share (the capitalized versions).

The message is definitely God’s, but the reminder is Kurt’s. Being able to look at a small silver heart and remember to walk the words of loving kindness is so important day in and day out—when I’m in the middle of a petty meltdown, when my words are oh-so-very unkind with my internet service provider, when my heart turns cold in the moment.

I pray that I might be an inspiration to you as you walk the WOLK in your own day, in the best of times and in those challenging moments of life. Together we can have a meaningful impact on those people and places that mean the most to us!