“See what kind of love the Father has given to us,

that we should be called children of God;

and so we are”

1 John 3:1

I continue A GRAND THANKS, my own list of 1000 thing for which I am grateful. It’s a list inspired by Ann Voskamp’s book, One Thousand Gifts. This morning my list reached page 16 and Item #574 where I added Motherhood. When I think of my sons and my thrill at being their mother, I’m not sure why Motherhood got buried in a list that has included the divine (God and His love and grace), the seemingly ordinary (fresh mown grass, red fingernail polish), the questionable (Costco? Starbucks? Really?), and the nostalgic (memories of Easters past, photos of my children).

My love for two delightful young men is unquestionable and yet my struggles as a mother are undeniable. Hardly a day goes by that God hasn’t heard the pleadings of a mom who has wanted to do better, be better. And even though they’re adults who have survived beautifully the antics of a mother who has had moments of great guidance and counsel and moments of great difficulty, I still wonder aloud how best to love and nurture, how best to fulfill a role that has truly been a gift beyond my wildest imagination.

I struggle with my role as God’s child, too. At fifty-seven, I’m still trying to understand my place in His family, again a gift beyond my wildest hopes and dreams. Each day begins with the best of intentions, the grandest plans. Each day ends with a confession of sins. And then I smile and remember that I have a God who loves me as a Father.

Remembering my love for two little boys who are now two young men, I delight in my thoughts of them. Will their days be perfect? No. Will they have moments of greatness and moments of great hardship? Of course. Will I be there for them—at any time, at any place? No question!

Our Father in Heaven delights in each one of us, too. The very thought of us brings a smile. He understands that no day will be perfect, that we’ll have moments of greatness and moments that aren’t. He’ll continue to expect the best from us, because that’s what a Father does. And He’ll continue to be there for us—any time, any place.

Really! It’s what our Father does. And for that, I’m most grateful!