“Preach the Word;

be prepared in season and out of season…”

2 Timothy 4:2

I’m a bad driver on good days. When the Northwest weather turns snowy and icy, I stay parked (unless I’ve got a designated driver!).

Today we enter the fourth day of that snow and ice. The plows have given up. The airport has shut down. We’re now headline news and an MSN top story. And everyone from the Northeast and the Mid-West are shaking their heads wondering why Seattle can’t figure it out. Someone with the need to do a quick summation was overheard saying, “Dress warm. Go slow.”

Perhaps, it’s really that easy! And perhaps the advice is as applicable to weather as it is to life in general–whether it’s freezing or whether it’s hot.

  • Prepare for the elements.
  • Take it slow.

I think God would agree.