“With God’s power working in us, God can do much, much more

than anything we can ask or imagine.”

Ephesians 3:30

My dearest Karen,

We have yet to meet, but your friendship has become an invaluable part of my journey as an author. Just yesterday I found myself in the post office parking lot having an ugly cry after getting your letter. You remain both an inspiration and a beautiful reminder of why I write.

Last weekend I hosted a book signing at Garfield Book Company in Parkland, the bookstore for Pacific Lutheran University. It was an afternoon of remembrances. As a Parkland girl, I had once ridden my bicycle on an errand to the Piggly Wiggly Store, the location of the new bookstore. I had been baptized, confirmed, and married at Trinity Lutheran Church, one block down and one block over. The weekend before I’d celebrated my class reunion with friends from Washington High School—just down the hill. It felt good to be “home” again.

Despite those good feelings, I paced. My smile masked a discomfort that I was unable to name. On the way home I finally put into words what I couldn’t identify earlier: I’m not about selling books. It was an interesting observation, since that’s generally the objective of authors everywhere.

Your letter reminded me of the “more” that I was missing standing in the aisle of a bookstore. God enriches our journey, a journey we get to share with His people. I can’t tell you how many books I’ve sold, but I can recall—almost verbatim—the notes I’ve received from readers. They remind me of the unique and blessed paths we get to take, the connections that we get to share. They remind me of the delightful friendships that bless our journey. They remind me of you.

I thank you for your prayers, but most of all, I thank God for you.

Until we have that latte together,


P.S. I love “Friday Tidings,” your thoughts for the journey. Were we in the same kindergarten class?