For God so love the world that he gave his only Son,

that whoever believes in him should not perish

but have eternal life.

John 3:16

It happened again. For the second time in two months, a traffic camera caught me speeding in a school zone. The same spot, the same camera, the same speed! You would think that after paying $124 for the first infraction that I would have slowed. No, I screwed up again.

In town we have several  cameras, three warn as we approach, one doesn’t. With red lights flashing, I’ve never failed to get myself “in the zone.” The camera without the warning beacon has nailed me twice. Yes, I messed up again.

It’s Ash Wednesday and today we begin our journey with Jesus to the cross. It’s a humbling time of reflection where I am reminded that I have messed up, screwed up and botched all aspects of this life, again and again, in the car and out. It’s humiliating and costly in every way.

As I stumble through yet another day, I am reminded that my own Lord and Savior stumbled under the weight of the cross, the weight of my sins. I’d love to think that I could get this life figured out, that I could learn from my mistakes, that I could slow down, do better and be better. I won’t, no matter how hard I try or think I try.

On this day and at this time, I am reminded of God’s deep and abiding love. I am reminded of a love so great that He was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice of His one and only Son just to save me, the speeding sinner, the repeat offender.