The author sent a copy of this book and asked me to review it many months ago. Life, in first one way and then another, got in the way. Ever patient, the author gently inquired…and again…and again. Finally, a window of time opened in which I could dive into the work of a writer totally unfamiliar to me, one I’d never read. Maybe God was growing some necessary Fruit in me during the time between receiving the book and the time I read it. I don’t know His reasons for waiting until now to pour this particular blessing over my head. I’m just glad He finally did.

FRUIT OF MY SPIRIT is a short peek into one woman’s life, from early childhood to 50-plus. But it’s so much more than an autobiography. This book is a testament to God’s gardening skills in often unresponsive soil; His patience in times of spiritual drought within the human heart; His ruthlessness in cutting away choking weeds and eliminating destructive pests; and ultimately, His stubborn determination in bringing to fruition and His loving way of handling spiritual fruit.

Not every apple plucked from the tree is perfect. Some are misshapen; others bear sun spots or even a wormhole or two. But in the hands of someone willing to overlook the odd shape, peel off the sun spot and cut out the wormholes…it can still be a delicious, juicy, enjoyable and healthy source of nutrition. So it is with the fruit of Spirit. Deanna Nowadnick shares her own experiences in the hands of the Master Gardener with refreshing, open, often-humorous style. From talkative first-grader to slightly obstinate middle schooler to rebellious teen…and on to loving wife and mother, and then pain-wracked and troubled mid-lifer, Nowadnick searches for and finds the touch of God in each era of her existence. Watching her “reframe” her life under the lens of God’s Word and in the light of His love is a breathtaking experience.

I will never forget the final chapter of this book. All authors hope readers “take something with them” from the pages of their books. I did. I now recognize the difference in the question, “What is your business?” and the question, “What do you do?” I will consciously strive now to reframe my own life under the microscope of those questions, and hopefully come up with the answers God means for me to find—seed that will bring forth more Fruit of the Spirit.

My business is to bring others to Christ.

To do that, I’m a wife and mother.

My business is to bring others to Christ. To do that, I live in Kern County, California.

My business is to bring others to Christ.

To do that, I review books written by others, and from some of them, I glean a seed of insight that will perhaps produce Fruit in me.

My business is to bring others to Christ.

To do that, I write books that glorify God, speak words that edify His people.

My business is to bring others to Christ. To do that, I am the “me” that God created.

Kudos to the author for a well-written, thought-provoking, soul-stirring, and utterly satisfying piece of written art.