Christian Book Notes

Deanna Nowadnick is a native of the Pacific Northwest. When not writing, she serves at the Client Service Coordinator for The Planner’s Edge, an investment advisory firm in Washington State. She is active in her church, playing the violin and editing the newsletter. She loves to knit, adores chocolate, and most important, enjoys a blessed marriage to Kurt. She’s also the proud mother of two adult sons. Fruit of My Spirit began as a short story for Kyle and Kevin about how she met their father. It quickly became a much larger story about God’s love and faithfulness.


Part biography part devotional, Deanna divided this work into nine chapters over 100 or so pages.  She begins by explaining how she met her husband and their marriage.  She shares her troubles and trials and their need for counseling as well as the joy of having children.  She shares candidly of her failures and her “arguments” with God.  She concludes with the joy of living with God as your head and in submission to His will.


Deanna is a very personable author.  She does not sugar coat her thoughts.  She challenges God.  She questions His audacity to interrupt her plans.  Basically, she is human and she is not afraid to admit it.  Her style and candid thoughts will resonate with most readers.  Her passion is for her God and her family.  With the book being written around Galatians 5:22-23, she pins each chapter to a specific fruit of the Spirit.  In so doing, she shows how these fruit are individual while also one.  If you are growing in one of them, you are, by necessity, growing in all of them.


Deanna’s authenticity is refreshing.  Her real life experiences are appealing.  Women will enjoy reading what amounts to a testimony of their own walks with Christ.  I recommend Fruit of My Spirit to all, though specifically to women, Christians as they themselves seek to wrestle with their own journey.