Messages for My 21-Year Old Self

To My 21-Year Old Self: #18 Live in Gratitude

To My 21-Year Old Self: #18 Live in Gratitude

For Christmas my senior year in college, Kurt gave me a frying pan. Yep, a frying pan. But at that point in life, I was not thinking about culinary possibilities after a long day of student teaching. I was thinking about something a little more permanent, if you know what I mean.

To My 21-Year Old Self: #17 Aim at the Hoop, But Be Ready to Pivot

To My 21-Year Old Self: #17 Aim at the Hoop, But Be Ready to Pivot

In junior high I played basketball in PE class. I was expected to be good, because I was tall. I was tall, but I was not good. Let’s be honest I was terrible. I hogged the ball, planting myself under the hoop, taking shot after shot after shot ~ because I couldn’t hit the basket. Actually I could hit it; I just couldn’t get anything to go into it.

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Before my father died, he reminded me that Mom had asked me to write a book. At the time the boys were in college, and the notion of writing was unfathomable. Writers write books. By the time my boys were adults, I’d run out of excuses. I was also at that age when I could pause and reflect.

Fruit of My Spirit: Reframing Life in God’s Grace was my first publishing endeavor. My second was Signs in Life: Finding Direction in Our Travels with God. Both are collections of stories that tell of God’s love and faithfulness. Both tell of His remarkable grace and mercy.

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