Motivational Minutes

Deanna’s Motivational Minutes

Finding Joy in the Moment

Too often I’m not treasuring the moment. It’s easy to look past “now” to what’s next. The writing assignments that need to be completed, the calls that need to be returned, the plans that need to be made. At other times, I can find myself worrying about yesterday, words said, words left unsaid, steps taken, steps not taken. All are important, but sometimes we just need to be and to be in the moment.

Super Bowl Inspiration!

I’m a writer and speaker who’s also a Seahawk fan. As we huddle up for this weekend’s game, Seattle-ites can’t help but remember the “one that didn’t work out for us” as Coach Carroll would say in a 2015 post-game eulogy. Quarterback Russell Wilson would follow up with “one inch too far.” Yep, that was the game we lost to a goal line interception—against the Patriots. Yep, those guys.

Saying Goodbye

The past few weeks and months have been challenging with recent deaths among our older members at church. Yes, three long-time, very special members. Saying goodbye is hard.

A Lesson in Trust

My husband is not only a believer, but he walks the talk. In a word, he trusts. He is unwavering in his belief that God will be there for him, for his family, for those around him. He trusts in God’s timing, God’s way of doing life, God’s will to be done ~ lessons I’m still working on!

Sunday Praise

Too many times I’ve used Sunday mornings, not only to worship, but to get answers, make arrangements, follow up on To-Do’s, making it all about Deanna, not all about God.

Livin’ the Dream

I like my days to unfold evenly. I’d rather life didn’t get too hot or too cold. And if things do warm up a bit, I’d like to know that I can return to a climate-controlled life quickly, very quickly. Unrealistic, isn’t it?

Talkin’ Politics

I don’t care who you voted for. I don’t care where you stand on the issues. But I do care about our ability to talk about important subjects, our ability to think through difficult issues, issues with no easy answers.

About Deanna

Before my father died, he reminded me that Mom had asked me to write a book. At the time the boys were in college, and the notion of writing was unfathomable. Writers write books. By the time my boys were adults, I’d run out of excuses. I was also at that age when I could pause and reflect.

Fruit of My Spirit: Reframing Life in God’s Grace was my first publishing endeavor. My second was Signs in Life: Finding Direction in Our Travels with God. Both are collections of stories that tell of God’s love and faithfulness. Both tell of His remarkable grace and mercy.

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