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I love empowering and encouraging women knowing that God’s been in the details ~ always has been, always will be. 

Join me as we talk about God’s loving kindness and ways we can inspire, motivate, and bring about meaningful change.


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"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Against such, there is no law."

Galatians 5:22-23

About Deanna

Before my father died, he reminded me that Mom had asked me to write a book. At the time the boys were in college, and the notion of writing was unfathomable. Writers write books. By the time my boys were adults, I’d run out of excuses. I was also at that age when I could pause and reflect.

Fruit of My Spirit: Reframing Life in God’s Grace was my first publishing endeavor. My second was Signs in Life: Finding Direction in Our Travels with God. Both are collections of stories that tell of God’s love and faithfulness. Both tell of His remarkable grace and mercy.

Inspirational Thoughts

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Living Out God’s Glory

Living Out God’s Glory

The past couple weeks I’ve been reading Kathy Collard Miller’s “Pure Hearted: The Blessings of Living Out God’s Glory.” In several chapters Kathy talks about the impact of childhood experiences on our relationship with God, their connections to fears, selfishness, even immaturity. I blew right by sub-headings on Perfectionism and Performance, Instability and Worry. And then there was a section titled, Childhood Experiences Label God. Do they? Did they? Will they?

What do God’s possibilities (our opportunities) look like?

What do God’s possibilities (our opportunities) look like?

When I start to see God at work, when I’m feeling that something’s up, my first reaction is often, “God, I’m kinda busy right now. Not a good time. Really, God, not a good time.” But that’s not how God operates. His work is not about our will, our way, our when. It’s about His will, His way, His when–and His glory.


Let's "walk the W.O.L.K.”

Deanna’s Books

Fruit of My Spirit:

Reframing Life in God’s Grace

In a memoir of missteps and misdeeds, DEANNA NOWADNICK writes of the hugeness of God’s love and faithfulness. Reframing life in God’s grace, she discovers an indescribable, indefinable, inexplicable love that has encircled her without fail through joyous, sad, cringe-worthy, heartwarming, forgettable, memorable moments in life. Fruit of My Spirit is for anyone who’s ever questioned God’s ability to love and forgive, who’s ever wondered about their place in God’s family or God’s place in theirs. Deanna offers hope for those who dare to question, who secretly wonder, and who fear to ask. Through stories of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control, you will experience the enormity of God, too.

Click HERE to read Fruit of My Spirit’s introduction.

“From the moment I began reading the preface of Fruit of My Spirit I chuckled; here was a writer I related to.”

- Pamela Barrett

“I found myself relating to Deanna’s life, and I’m sure others will too. It is very well written and honest.”

Jody, Jody’s Book Reviews

“I can recommend Fruit of My Spirit both as a useful tool and quality study help.”

Pastor Jeff Longsinger

“Nothing I can write here will equal Deanna Nowadnick’s efforts in Fruit of My Spirit. She had me hooked right from the preface, ‘On good days I whine and complain. On bad days I whine and complain more. I’m impatient whenever life has the audacity to thwart my plans. I get frustrated whenever life presents a detour or a hurdle.’ This woman was writing about me!”

Karen Farris, Friday Tidings

“Deanna’s book first grabbed me when I read the back which said, ‘Fruit of My Spirit is for anyone who’s ever questioned God’s ability to love and forgive, who’s ever wondered about their place in God’s family or God’s place in theirs.’ Wow…”

Karen Knapp

“I think Fruit of My Spirit will inspire readers to look at their own lives and experiences to see how the same fruits were active and at work around them during difficult times in their own lives.”

April Nolen

“Deanna has written a book that gives us a lot to think about. Through her stories of how God has walked with her and developed her spiritual gifts, we get to look at our own lives and see how God has helped us.”

Sandra K. Stiles

“Deanna is so personal and so intimate with the reader. She is so open and honest about her life and story. I’ll admit that I fell hard for this book.” “This book is warm and loving from cover to cover. By the time I closed the last page, I felt saddened to let the story go.”

Ashley LeMar

“I enjoyed reading Fruit of My Spirit so much! Deanna is a very engaging writer. She draws you in with her personal stories and shows you exactly how God spoke to her through her trials and her shortcomings. I laughed and I even felt emotional at times when I related personally to some of the things she’s gone through in her life.”

Sherri Johnson, Christian Romance Novelist

Signs in Life: Finding Direction in Our Travels with God

SIGNS IN LIFE begins with a late night encounter with law enforcement. In the harsh glare of a flashlight, author DEANNA NOWADNICK learns the consequences of speeding through a stop sign. Other incidents follow. All are linked to the divine signs she’s encountered in that bigger journey through life. Join Deanna as she shares humorous anecdotes and inspirational lessons from her travels with God. See the signs in life. She might be speeding through a stop sign–yet again!–while you’re carefully navigating a busy street, but together we’re all part of a bigger journey, a greater purpose. We’re all part of God’s great story.

As she used to tell her  young sons, “Buckle up. We’re going for a ride.”

Take a look at Signs in Life–Prologue HERE.

“Deanna’s stories are engaging. Her writing flows like a comfy conversation. Her reflections on God’s love are instructional. Wow!”

Karen Kramer Farris

“This is the second book I’ve read by Deanna, and once again I enjoyed her down to earth take on our day to day with with God.”

Pamela Barrett

“I can guarantee you that if you read this book there is no way you will not be changed.”

Sandra K. Stiles

“Nowadnick’s transparency throughout is fresh and encouraging. Her application of lessons learned is natural, humorous, and not forced. Signs in Life is a challenge to how you see God and His lessons for your life. Take the challenge and read it.”

Diane E. Tatum

“Ms. Nowadnick has an extremely easy writing style, just remarkably conversational and funny.”

Mareena McGirr

“Again Deanna writes another book that is very thought-provoking about God and his grace.”

Jody Joy

“I love the author’s natural, never preachy voice, her gentle (sometimes even laugh-out-loud) humor, and the way these stories flow, as if I’m sitting at the table with a friend. There are surprises and deep revelations”

Sheila Deeth

“Once again Deanna Nowadnick has made me stop and think.”

Jettie Parrish

“I loved this book so much, a bought a second for a friend of mine. The tie in between the experiences in the author’s personal life and biblical stories were amazing, it show how all humanity is effected by the different signs in life. I particularly enjoyed the “rest stops” that concluded each chapter, so that the reader could reflect on what was effecting their life, their similarities with the author and with the Bible. Many of the stories made me laugh and shake my head acknowledging that I had gone through similar situations in my own life. Thoroughly enjoyable, an easy read and very thought provoking.”

Sheryl Wold

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