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Have you ever sped through life so fast – so completely caught up in your own worries and your world – that you failed to stop, look around, and notice the signs that were all around you?

Signs that were meant to protect you from harm. Signs that were meant to warn you of inpending danger. Signs that were meant to protect others from the consequences of your own potentially harmful behavior.

In Signs In Life: Finding Direction In Our Travels With God by Deanna Nowadnick, we are reminded, through a series of humorous anecdotes and lessons gleaned from Deanna’s own personal experiences, how God guides us through life by providing us with signs, both real and divine, that help us to find and follow God’s purpose for our lives and get back on track when we wander off in the wilderness.

The metaphor is derived from the opening story in which Deanna is pulled over for speeding through a school zone – an encounter she does not initially handle with social grace or spiritual finesse.

Sings In Life is Deanna’s second book. What I love most about Deanna’s writing is her ability to weave compelling, homespun stories about her life that are inspirational, educational, and infused with the love, mercy and grace of God.

If you enjoy reading vignettes that both enlighten and entertain, then you will enjoy reading Sings In Life!

I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars.