What a difference a day makes! Yesterday I was moping through the latest review of my book. “I was a little disappointed with ‘Signs in Life’ as it did not offer too much in the way of inspiration, but seemed more like a whiny, complaining tale.” Fortunately, my website went down and I had to withdraw the post, giving me time for a little reflection.

Admittedly, the 3-star review stung, especially her final comment: “I really do believe the story is entertaining and has merit, but I do not believe it really belongs in the Christian genre of lessons to be learned.” Not everyone gets me. Not everyone appreciates the whining. The promise that the review would not be made public was little consolation. My barista gave me an understanding nod and a reminder that not everyone will love us.

As I reread the review for the nineteenth time, I wondered if the reader had been looking for a better script, a detailed list of to-dos, a programmable app for stepping through uncertain times. She thought God seemed to be a last-minute thought in my stories, just thrown in. She’s right. As life’s unfolded, I’ve often made God a last-minute prayer, a mid-court desperation shot, a Hail Mary buzzer-beater for the win. My faithfulness has wavered again and again and again.

But God’s never ever not been there for me. God’s never not been there for any of us. As we’ve traveled through our day, as we’ve navigated life, God’s directed and redirected all of us. I know, because I’ve seen the signs.

It’s easy to lose sight of God in this most wonderful journey. Fortunately, we have a God Who refuses to lose track of us!