Last night I got to speak at Trinity Lutheran Church to a group of wonderful ladies, most with a special connection to my childhood.

The title of our festivities was “An Evening with a Daughter,” a perfect title, because I am a daughter of Trinity. Even though I no longer worship and serve there, I grew up at Trinity in so many ways. Not only was I baptized, confirmed, and married in that special place, but I played Red Rover on the lawn, making lasting friendships. My first “real” job was in the church office after school and on weekends. I taught Sunday School and worked wedding receptions.

Not often are we given the opportunity to share one of those bigger thanks in life. Last night I was blessed to be able to do so. As we renewed friendships, reconnecting over wonderful memories, I got to tell the mothers in my life, “Thank you!” This delightful group of women cared for me in so many ways. I spent mornings before school with Mrs. Govig, afternoons after school with Mrs. Scafturon. My brother and I went to school with Mrs. Severtson’s children. Also Mrs. Ross’ girls. My first principal was Carol Storaasli’s brother-in-law; my sixth grade teacher was another. Anita Christian lived around the corner. Our neighbor Mrs. Olsen gave me a copy of “Heidi” one Christmas, a gift that so overwhelmed me that I found it difficult to open the book and touch its pages. I was taken aback that her daughter and granddaughters would share in our evening together, remembering the very dress I was wearing as a Kindergartener in “Fruit of My Spirit.” And Cheryl Myking, who played tag alongside me, who probably wore an itchy halo in the same Christmas program, made our night’s set-up just perfect!

It was also an evening of new friends! My thanks to Carol Fossom who made it all happen.

I was be forever grateful for God believing that a boisterous, sassy, opinionated, self-centered, stumbling, bumbling ditz might have something to say about our walk with Him. Truly! Not only are we able to connect our delightfully ordinary lives to His extraordinary love and faithfulness, but we get to include an amazing group of ladies in the journey! Truly!