MMS Football (1993 10)


Is God a football fan? Will you find God on the fifty yard line wearing blue and green rootin’ for the home team?

I married a football player who became a football coach. I love football. I love what the Seahawks have done to excite the entire Pacific Northwest, but I have to confess, I’ve often watched players take a knee at the end of a game and thought, really? Are we giving thanks for that last TD? A late-in-the-fourth sack of their quarterback? Are we hailing God for a “Hail Mary” six-pointer?

I meet regularly with a group of ladies called Girlfriends Inspired by God (G.I.G). Together we celebrate what God’s able to accomplish through each one of us. Answering my own questions, I believe God’s cheering for all of us—from the sidelines, from across our desk, from inside our classrooms. God understands the passions of our heart, the unique skills and abilities we bring to life. And whether we’re blocking a punt or taking care of a client, we’re shining His light on our day. And for that, I thank God, too!

Next Sunday the Seahawks meet the Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX. I’ll be rootin’ for the “home” team!