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When an Errand’s More than an Errand

‘Tis the season for errands, right? Some errands may be just a quick trip to the post office and groceries. Others may be more, much more–for you–and those you’re with. Thanks to my friend, I was given a special reminder

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Finding Joy

There are times when God’s there for us so we can be there for others. There are also times when God’s there for us so we’re not there for others. Sounds surprising until you hear about my plans for a

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God's Loving Kindness

The Ins and Outs of God’s Loving Kindness

Here’s a link to yesterday’s “Morning WOLK with God” where I talk about the Ins and Outs of God’s Loving Faithfulness. The video is inside Fave Lifestyles Women’s Group. You may need to join the group to view.
At Fave

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Extraordinary Joy

Finding Extraordinary Joy in the Moment

Too often I’m not treasuring the moment. It’s easy to look past “now” to what’s next. The writing assignments that need to be completed, the calls that need to be returned, the plans that need to be made. At other

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8 Minutes

8 Minutes and 46 Seconds

When 8 minutes and 46 seconds count… Eight minutes and forty-six seconds is not a long time. For someone dying, it’s an eternity. Eight minutes and forty-six seconds in not forever. For someone needing help, it’s a lifetime. Eight minutes

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