Speaking Opportunites

Let’s get together!

I’m available to speak at both smaller and larger events (a Christmas tea, kick-off luncheon, women’s retreat, etc).

I’m very affordable and can work within an organization’s speaking budget and time parameters, whether a larger church in Seattle or a smaller group in Eastern Washington. 

I also travel throughout the year and I’m able to include stops on the East Coast, the Midwest, and California.

When clients read my books and hear me speak, they are encouraged and empowered to tell their own story. Rather than think I could never write a book, they see the possibilities. They’re ready to embrace the opportunity in a way that works best for them, knowing their story will impact them personally along with those around them.

Yes, let’s get together!

We’ll have fun!

Deanna Nowadnick author speaker mentor
Motivational MESSAGES

“Extraordinary Storytelling: Yours, Mine, and Ours”

Telling our stories has never been easier and more fun!

Total Cost: Deanna can work within your organization's speaking budget and coordinate with her travel plans. Really!

We all have a story to tell. We all have stories that connect to bigger, more important lessons in life. We all have stories that connect to God’s story.
And now–telling our story has never been easier! Getting words down on paper has never been more fun!

Ladies, grab a favorite photograph and join us for a special morning of storytelling! Rather than worry about where to begin and where to put commas, we’re going to delight in the special connections to our past and also our present.

Really! It’s going to be fun!

"Helping Hearts" Events

Total Cost: Books sell for $10 each with $5 going to your special cause

Deanna is the author of three books, Fruit of My Spirit, Signs in Life, and Bouquet of Wisdom as well as a children’s book, “Grandma, You Found Me!” Not only does she love to write, but she loves supporting women of faith in the passions of their own hearts.

Consider hosting a Helping Hearts event. Grab your favorite beverage and settle in. Deanna can read and sign books with profits from each sale going to your special project.

Where would you like to make a difference in your neighborhood? Your community? The world?

What special cause has God placed on your heart?

Get ready to be Inspired