Too often I’m not treasuring the moment. It’s easy to look past “now” to what’s next. The writing assignments that need to be completed, the calls that need to be returned, the plans that need to be made. At other times, I can find myself worrying about yesterday, words said, words left unsaid, steps taken, steps not taken. All are important, but sometimes we just need to be and to be in the moment.

Finding Joy in the Moment

Got grandchildren in your life? I’m the grandmother to two delightful 3-year old boys, Enzo and Austin. One Sunday we were together for dinner and a play date. While swinging in the back yard, we got very, very loud. Austin was loud! Enzo was loud! Grandma was very loud!

Later we were playing in the house. At one point we again got very, very loud. Austin was loud! Enzo was loud! Grandma was very loud! When we learned that Grandpa Kurt was going to be able to stop by, we hurried to the front porch and jumped up and loud, shouting our loudest.

Being “In the Moment”

I love my time as a grandparent. I’m very aware of my ability to be in the moment with the boys. I don’t have to think about the bigger challenges and opportunities that come with raising them. I can just be loud and silly. I can join them in their imagination, climbing aboard our ship, driving our trucks and trailers, building a fort. Together we get to be.

We’re working our way through serious times, a time of loss, uncertainty, fear and concern, impatience and misunderstanding. Lives are on the line. We have the challenge and the opportunity to change and make change, to heal and be healed, to lead and be led. I can’t change yesterday, tomorrow’s not yet here, but I can stand in this moment.

Celebrating “Carbonated Holiness” in the Moment

When I was with my grandsons that Sunday, I got to laugh my hardest and my loudest. Anne Lamott calls laughter “carbonated holiness.” Despite all that we’ve been through and all that we’re continuing to go through, this is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad. Let us find carbonated holiness in this very moment.

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