From Fave Lifestyles: Is God a Football Fan?

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Is God a football fan? Will you find God on the fifty-yard line wearing navy blue and light-up-the-night neon green? Does God root for the home team? The underdog?

I married a football player who became a football coach. I love football. I love the Seahawks! I love what the Seahawks have done to excite the entire Pacific Northwest, but I have to confess, I’ve often watched players take a knee at the end of a game and thought, really? Are we giving thanks for that last TD? A late-in-the-fourth sack of their quarterback? The pick six? Are we hailing God for the “Hail Mary” six-pointer?

I meet with a group of ladies for coffee every Saturday morning. The four of us groan through life’s challenges, laugh at life’s absurdities, and then smile as we solve the world’s problems in a mere
sixty minutes. Together we celebrate what God’s able to accomplish through each one of us.

Answering my own questions, I believe God really is cheering for all of us—from the sidelines, from across our desk, from inside our classrooms and a small coffee shop. God understands the passions of our heart, the unique skills and abilities we bring to life. And whether we’re blocking a punt or taking care of a client, whether we’re caring for family or caring for ourselves, we’re shining His light on our day. And for that, I thank God, too!

And the next time our Seahawks march back onto the field, I’ll be rootin’ for the “home” team!

Go, Hawks! Yea, God!

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