Cabo (cropped)My husband Kurt and I are looking forward to the holidays with great joy. Our plans include an early celebration with Kurt’s family, Christmas eve with Kyle and Katie, Kevin and Manoela, and Christmas day with Deanna’s brother David and his family.

Our year has been very full and very blessed. Kyle took this year’s picture on a sunset cruise in Cabo. Days earlier we sat on the beach and watched the Super Bowl. Kevin and Manoela got to see the game from her family’s home in Brazil.

Kurt is now in his eighth year at Evergreen Moving, packing and driving, loading and unloading. He often leaves the house well before sunrise, returning well after dark. I continue with Jeff Ross, micromanaging his clients’ financial strategies. I leave for a morning coffee well after sunrise, returning to my desk well before dark. Kurt had a minor misstep last spring. He hobbled about in a boot for three weeks and then decided he was ready to ease back into work. By noon that first day he was packing and driving, loading and unloading.

The kids are well. Kyle became a Certified Financial Planner a year ago, and then last month he moved into a new office in the Mill Creek Town Center. Kyle’s wife Katie is a wonderful labor and delivery nurse at Providence in Everett. Kevin just passed his test to become a certified commercial real estate appraiser. He’s still with Lamb Hanson Lamb in West Seattle. His wife Manoela is a delightful addition to Tableau Software in Seattle where she works with their Brazilian customers.

I’m beginning another round of edits on Book 2, now titled Signs in Life: Finding Direction in Our Travels with God. My editor compared this next phase to mastering sixteenth notes on my violin. What I haven’t told her is that I’ve yet to master sixteenth notes. Some Sundays I barely get through quarter notes!

Summer mornings while I’m writing and enjoying another iced mocha, Kurt and the boys and girls can be found in the boat skiing and wakeboarding. Again they’re often leaving the house well before sunrise. Again, I’m not. It’s a great time for them to hang out and do whatever you do in a boat when you’re hanging out in a boat.

And now may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the communion of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

Happy New Year! Kurt and Deanna