Crushing It

Are you crushing it?

I am able to do all things through him who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13 (CSV)

Two weeks ago, I got an online newsletter from Kim Avery. Kim is an author and coach who helps Christian entrepreneurs succeed in business and life. Her latest missive was titled, “It’s January and I’m NOT crushing it!”

So are you? Are you crushing it?

Made me think. Am I crushing it? Am I supposed to be crushing it? Are you? This is that time of year when our great resolves and wonderful goals can start to feel a little crunched, not crushed.

Back in the day I had a gym membership. I loved February. Why? Because after the craziness of January resolutions, February gave us “regulars” a chance to breathe. The year always started off with crowded workout areas and lines for the equipment. By February, resolves were replaced by reality, good intentions got clobbered by bad days, and the gym cleared.

The same thing can happen to us.

Last month we talked about our travels with God, knowing we’ll be where we need to be when we need to be there with God driving, with God leading the way. We talked about the importance of praying, preparing, and proceeding—in that order.

And now we’re several weeks into the new year and even though we’ve prayed and prepared and proceeded with care, we can feel like we’re part of the gym’s disappearing act. Reality can set it. Our resolves can start to feel unrealistic. Our good intentions can go awry.

And if I’m not careful, that’s when I can be found throwing a pity party for myself, addressing invitations and ordering a cake.

So, do we need to be crushing it?

When I think about “crushing it,” I think of pop culture inspirational phrases: “Go big or go home!” “Go all out!” “Do or die!” “All or nothing!” “Pull out all the stops!” You know the ones: motivational cliches with an exclamation point!

And it we’re not careful, our goals can start to feel as trite as an overused expression, lacking originality and impact.

Life happens. Every single day. No matter how faithfully we pray, no matter how carefully we prepare, no matter how deliberately we proceed.

And when life happens, it has helped me to be ready with some non-negotiables. Non-negotiables keep us connected to God (that important prayer thing), His will (those plans we’ve made), and His way (how we’ll proceed, how God leads, directs and redirects us).

And that’s important because God’s people are not a disappearing act—never have been, never will be.

My non-negotiables:

I walk every day.

I have not missed a day in three and a half years ago. I started because I wanted to get away from that pity party. I needed to reconnect with myself in a way that didn’t involve simple sugars and creamy carbs or standing in front of a mirror or on the scale.

In doing that, I found God in the quiet.

Where can you find quiet in the day? How can you add stillness to your day? Do you swim? Ride a bike? Where you can disconnect from your phone and computer, your iPad and TV?

More important than what you do or where you do it is that you do it.

And then wait expectantly. You’ll be amazed at what God will insert in the quiet—wisdom, insight, an answer, another option. I would be so bold as to say you’ll be crushing it.

I find time for study and prayer every day.

Yes, my non-negotiable walks came before my non-negotiable study time, but I think my walking streak helped me get past my old “resolves” to study and just do it.

I no longer worry about what I’m studying, how much I’m studying, whether all the blanks are filled in. I’m just doing—at my desk and in my prayer chair.

I try to make it the first part of my day, but also I’ve tried to be careful with the ultimatums—which for me are rules made to be broken. Not a good way to be crushing it!

I live in gratitude.

I don’t think of myself as an ungrateful person, but challenges and disappointments can leave me way too inwardly focused and less than appreciative. I’m certainly not crushing it!

And knowing this year will have its challenges (they all do!), I want to make gratitude a very real—a very out-loud—moment of my day. Because when I’m living in gratitude, I’m not whining and complaining about what didn’t work, what didn’t get started, what I didn’t know.

Uh, huh!

Be sure to have your own non-negotiables. And then find quiet, find time for study and prayer, find gratitude. It’s truly a treasure hunt for your soul. And remembering our verse, we are able to do all things through him who strengthens us–when we find quiet, when we find time to study and pray, when we find gratitude.

All things!

Your non-negotiables?

Heavenly Father, we know we are able to do all things through You. Why? Because You strengthen us? You make all things possible. You crush our doubts and uncertainty. You crush past mistakes and missteps. You crush our fears, even our complacency. Thank You for continuing to be with us every day in every way. In the name of Your Son Jesus, amen.

Deanna is the author of three books, Fruit of My Spirit, Signs in Life, and Bouquet of Wisdom.

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