Travels with God

Travels with God in 2024

The next day Jesus decided to go to Galilee. He found Philip and said to him, “Follow me.”

John 1:43

Happy new year! Did you travel over the holidays? For many of us, it’s a “planes, trains, and automobiles” time of year. Any travel plans for the new year? Any plans for travels with God?

If you’re like me, this next year will include lots of time in the car. There will be errands to run, afternoon appointments, perhaps some longer trips.

When I get into my car, I usually know where I’m going, but just in case, I’ll often program my destination into the map app on my phone, knowing I’ll get the best route and an accurate arrival time.

Living in the Northwest, I’ve learned that my estimated arrival time can change, especially enroute. Traffic snarls. An excruciatingly long train stops me at a nearby crossing. Some days I’m working around kids on their way to school. Some days I miss every light. There are times I think I’m smarter than my GPS and make a wrong turn. Some days I think, I shoulda just walked.

But I get where I’m going. I get where I need to be, where I want to be.

Travels with God

I want to do the same in my travels with God, don’t you? I want to get where I need to be, where I want to be.

Like you, I’ve been thinking about where I’d like to go this year, where I need to travel with God. There will be errands, smaller adventures and also bigger trips. And each one will need to be plugged into my GPS, God’s Positioning System, knowing I’ll get the best route and an accurate arrival time with His Word and His Spirit’s guidance.

I don’t mean to make like light of God’s place in our life. It’s not like open our Bibles, type in the destination for our travels with God and He provides the miles, time needed, and turn-by-turn instructions.

Or does He? Does He?

Thinking about my travels in the car has helped me better see God in my travels with God.

But this year, I’d like to let God drive. That means I’m not gripping the steering wheel; I’m sitting in the passenger’s seat. That means I’m letting God get me where I need to go, where I’d like to go.

Together we’ll navigate bumps in the road. Together we’ll wait for the excruciatingly long day to end. Together we’ll call ahead if we’re going to be a little later than planned. Together.

That doesn’t mean I’ve thrown up my hands and said to God, “Whatever!” I’m not shrugging my shoulder and sighing, “Wherever!”

I’m praying and carefully thinking through where I’m going this year, those smaller adventures and bigger trips, even those errands.

And now, I want to get into His car—so to speak, buckle up, look over and say, “I’m ready!”

And I’m praying I won’t stop halfway through my travels with God and ask Him if we should have turned back there…

Because with God driving the car through our life, we’ll always be on the best route. If we need a break, God will pull us into a rest stop. If the scenic route is better, we’ll take it. His will, His way, His when.

Really, is there a better way to travel? In our travels with God?

So how do we do that?

First, we pray.

We talk to God about His plans for us this year. We seek His guidance. If we’re unsure, we tell Him. If we need reassurance, we ask Him.

We know that God delights in the opportunities ahead of us. He’s all in as they say.

Then we prepare.

We think through the ways in which God has gifted each one of us. We know He’s placed a special calling on our hearts. We know He’s placed special people in our life to support and encourage us.

We also know He’ll ask us step out in faith at times.

Last, we proceed.

We jump into the passenger’s seat and buckle up. As I used to tell my sons, “We’re going for a ride.”

Remembering Jesus’ call to Philip, this day Jesus has decided to go to where you are. This time He has found you and said to you, “Follow me.”

Where has God asked you to follow Him? Where will you go in your travels with God?

Lord, You have come to where we are and invited us to follow You. We pray that we will let You take the wheel in our travels this year, honoring Your will, Your way, and Your when—this day and always. May our plans and preparations bring You glory. We’re ready to buckle up! In Your name, we pray. Amen.

Deanna is a writer and the author of three books, Fruit of My Spirit, Signs in Life, and Bouquet of Wisdom.

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