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Celebrating Our WOLK Together

This week we’re celebrating 30 weeks together–30 weeks of antics and vulnerabilities that have hopefully connected to bigger, more important lessons in life, 30 weeks of words of loving kindness for ourselves and each other.

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Journey of Gratitude

The trays of slides were an unexpected surprise, long-lost treasures found tucked away in the garage, and my reaction to a long-forgotten vacation photo stunned me. It was a vivid reminder of an important journey of gratitude.

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Small Moments

When Small Moments Get Big

Earlier this month, I watched the first of nine emergency vehicles rush into my neighborhood. When I went outside, I found my buddy standing alone in the rain under a tree, medics hurrying around him. I learned his grandma was

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God's Value Proposition

God’s Value Proposition

Last week Jeff Bezos shared a value proposition, what some have called a brutal truth: Create more than you consume. Thinking about the past year and our bigger walk with God, I wondered if his comments had any application to

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Who are you?

Last week I talked about my son’s friend, a young man who’s a felon. When I finished filming, I immediately had a moment. Should I have said he was an ex-felon? I googled the question: “Felon or ex-felon?” and learned

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