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Deanna Nowadnick FAVE Morning WOLK with God 2021-08-27 Lesson in Grace from the Roof of My Car Moment

A Lesson in Grace (from the Roof of My Car)

When I started Morning WOLKs with God, I expected to share antics and vulnerabilities, connecting all with bigger, more important lessons in life. I just didn’t expect to have fresh material EVERY WEEK! This time we get a lesson in

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possibilities and opportunities

God’s Possibilities ~ Our Opportunities

Over the years I’ve learned to treasure the possibilities and the opportunities, not something I’ve always done. I’ve also learned that the best opportunities, the right opportunities, are God’s possibilities.

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What He Said

Celebrating What He Said

Last weekend my husband, Kurt, and I celebrated 40 years of marriage. Knowing I wanted to talk about us this week and knowing I wanted to share his thoughts, I asked him, “Kurt, when you think about our time together,

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