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A Bit Player

Feel Like a Bit Player in God’s Great Story?

Have you ever felt like a bit player in God’s story? That person with a minor, unimportant, unimpressive role? And not just minor, unimportant, and unimpressive, but someone whose scenes should be cut entirely and left on the editing room’s

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Let God be God

How do we let God be God?

Are you able to let God be God? Too often I refuse to let God be God. Too often I discount God’s will, His way, and His when, thinking I know best. Stuck in traffic last week, I told myself

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Life is not perfect

Kintsugi Beauty

Life is not perfect, but I continue to insist that it can be, that I can make it so, that I can be. And when I do that, I discount the many blessing that surround me.

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Life’s Non-Negotiables

Do you have any non-negotiables in your day? I’ve tried to be careful about have-to’s. For me, they can quickly lead to the planning of a pity party. But this year, I’ve got three non-negotiables that have been bright moments

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Being You

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You. (Part 1)

As a woman of faith, do you think about being bold and brave in being you? Do you ever use the words “bold” and “brave” to describe yourself? I’m going to be so bold and so brave as to say

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