Our Stake and Crossbar

But Moses’ hands grew weary, so they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat on it, while Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one on one side, and the other on the other side. So his hands were steady until the going down of the sun.

Exodus 17:12

A Stake? A Crossbar?

Last week Karen Rae and I were part of a Zoom call in which we talked about “leading from within.” We’re part of a collaborative book with the subtitle, “Intuitive Thought Leadership Is Changing the Way Women Do Business.”

In a breakout session, we talked about that intuition thing with the question, “How do you nurture intuition?” My small group talked about the importance of prayer and quiet, allowing that voice from within to speak and to be heard.

You and I know that voice within to be the Holy Spirit’s guidance, His direction and redirection.

I’m not sure I’ve always given myself the quiet time needed to hear and heed the voice within, to acknowledge the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

But I’m learning to do that.

I’m also learning to see and hear Him in the details, often in the people around me.

Last week, inside the Fave Lifestyle group on Facebook, Karen asked, “What makes you stand out from other businesses in your industry?”

Gayle Chaky replied, “I work with groups of women only. No individuals. I love the energy of brainstorming.”

If asked, “What makes us stand out as a woman of faith?” I think the answer might be very similar to Gayle’s reply, “We’re part of a very special group.” God put us in relationship with Him and each other.

In the Old Testament is an interesting story about the Amalekites attacking the Israelites. Moses told Joshua to choose some men and fight back. He promised to stand on top of the hill with the staff of God in his hands.

As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites won, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites won. When Moses got tired, he had to sit down, but Aaron and Hur held up his hands, one on each side, making sure his hands remain steady.

Yes, a stake and crossbar!

At times we have very difficult tasks before us, times when we get tired and, literally or figuratively, need to sit down. And when that happens, how often do you find someone on your left side and someone on your right side holding you up?

The cross remains an important reminder of our dear savior’s death. It can also remind us to remain staked and grounded in our faith and reaching out, like a crossbar to each other.

My first year teaching my school was responsible for yard signs for the upcoming levy election. Back in the day, we actually put them together ourselves, stapling placards to stakes for placement throughout the neighborhoods.

After blanketing the town with yard signs, we woke up to early morning dew and found our signs all drooping. You see we’d put them on stakes without a crossbar and the heavy tagboard wilted in the morning’s moisture.

We can wilt in the morning dew of our days without support going both ways in our life. Remembering the cross, we need God, He’s our stake in the ground. He’s the one who keeps us planted firmly in Him.

We also need a crossbar to keep us from wilting. We need His people, people who will hold us up. They’re His support for the dewy mornings, for the heavy downpours in our days, for the unexpected wind gusts that can blow us off track.

You’ll often hear me say that women of faith “show up differently”—whether it’s to a business lunch, an afternoon playdate with a grandchild, or a difficult conversation with a colleague or family member.


Because God provides His love and grace (His cross, our stake in the ground), and someone to stand with us—on both sides of us (His crossbar of love and faithfulness, our crossbar of support).

From Facebook’s group, Girlfriends Inspired by God:

God, thank You for teaching us through Your Word. And thank You for placing people in our life that inspire us to draw close to You. As we go about our day, surround us with opportunities to learn more about You, and also to apply what we learn. Help us be on the lookout for ways to deepen our relationship with You and the people You love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Our stake and crossbar!

Until next time!

Deanna Nowadnick is the author of three books, Fruit of My Spirit, Signs in Life, and Bouquet of Wisdom.

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I am a writer and speaker who loves helping women of faith connect our delightfully ordinary stories to God’s extraordinary love and faithfulness, so we can be encouraged and empowered knowing God’s been in the details–always has been, always will be.

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