Shine God's Light

When We Shine God’s Light

I hope this time together inspires you, especially during these difficult times, motivate you when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and help us all bring about meaningful change in the fields of challenge that surround us all.

May we all shine God’s light.

In the third chapter of the New Testament book of Titus, Paul reminds us that God’s loving kindness was/is our saving grace. When we “walk the WOLK,” when we walk God’s words of loving kindness (WOLK), we get to shine God’s light, share His grace, His forgiveness, His love —in bigger moments, bigger conversations, in smaller moments and smaller conversations.

And we are able to shine God’s light, because those important moments and conversations start with the moments and conversations God has with us.

God’s loving kindness is for all of us.

God’s saving grace renews us, restores us, re-energizes us, re-directs us throughout our day. But 2020 may have found you feeling less renewed, restored, and reenergized. You probably haven’t felt like you could shine God’s light.

Last week my daughter-in-law sent a short video. Grandson Enzo was having a virtual preschool class. First, his teacher asked him to make a star, like the star on top of his Christmas tree. He jumped up, arms extended. Next she had him put his arms down to his side and form a stick. Open—star. Close—stick. He jumped up and down with each prompt.

I immediately called Manoela, “Manoela, Enzo’s doing great. I wondered how a three-year old might do with a virtual preschool class. I’m impressed!” Before I could go on, Manoela cautioned. “Wait until you see the next video.”

A minute later, Manoela shared another short clip. This time Enzo’s teacher was sharing a little movement song. Enzo was on the couch, not moving. He was over it.

I’m with Enzo. I’m over it.

This year I’ve jumped up in the shape of a star and shined brightly and other times when I’ve collapsed in a heap, unable to move. I’ve had moments that have gone rather well and others that haven’t. I’ve had unexpected tears, uncalled for impatience, and unattractive moments of self-centeredness.

I’ve also been able to shine is ways I never could have imagined. And I’ve been able to shine God’s light in ways not expected, never imagined.

How has 2020 gone for you?

Where have you been able to shine God’s light?

COVID has limited our ability to be the people we want to be.

Yes, it’s for our safety and the safety of others, but I’m not someone who wants to be socially distant. I ran into a dear friend from church in a local parking lot. We were both out running errands. I didn’t know what to. Every part of me wanted to embrace her, share my joy at seeing her. Not knowing what to do, I did this strange dance routine where I stepped in, stepped back, stepped to my right. It was respectful of her personal space, but very awkward.

I’m not someone who wants to live in fear.

That said, I want to be smart.

Every day I walk around a small lake here in Monroe. I mask up and keep to my side of the path. Occasionally other walkers will say hello, but most often not.

It’s not who I am. I’m the woman who’s usually waving and sharing an overly enthusiastic “Hi!”

I’m also not someone who deals well with uncertainty.

God knows that about me. God also knows that when the song changes and I’m asked to follow in new and different ways, I can get overwhelmed. And when I’m separated and fearful, the overwhelms can happen quickly and often.

We’ve heard it said—a lot—that this is a new normal. So often I worry that I don’t got this. But I’ve never had this. God’s got this. God’s always had this.

Wanting to help before my moment of overwhelm, my husband, Kurt, the former football coach reminded me of the acronym: WIN: “What’s important now?” “What’s important next?”

We don’t have to solve for it all—whatever “all” might be in our life. Instead we can ask God, “What’s important now? What’s important next?”

“God, help me WIN.”

And then wait for God’s prompts.

There will be moments when He prompts us to jump up, arms extended, in the shape of a star—in a quick outdoor coffee date, in a wink above the mask on that walking trail. There will be moments when He prompts us to jump back into the shape of a stick, arms down at our side. Moments of quiet, reflection, prayer.

Yes, there will be missteps.

There will be days that don’t go well—when tears will come and impatience will reign. Times when we may find ourselves not moving, when we’re just over it. Enzo took a nap that day. God might have us take one, too.

Remember whose daughter you are.

Recently I saw a Facebook meme, “Whenever you feel overwhelmed, remember whose daughter you are and straighten your crown.”

We’re going to get through this. We have a God of loving kindness who insists on being with us in this remarkable journey, who insists on sharing His light with us, so we can shine God’s light on others, especially when times are uncertain and challenging.

He’s the prompt when we’re jumping into the shape of a star.

He’s the prompt when we’re jumping into the shape of a stick.

COVID-19 may change what we can do and how we can do it, but COVID-19 will never change who we are and whose we are. We shine God’s light.

We are daughters of the King!

His light is on us. His light shines in, through, and around us! And we shine God’s light.

From the Old Testament book of Lamentations, this is from chapter 3, verses 22-23:

Dearest Lord,

Your lovingkindnesses never cease.

Your compassions never fail. They are new every morning.

Great is your faithfulness. Amen.

God’s lovingkindnesses are shining on you.

Straighten your crown and ask God what’s next. Shine God’s light!

Deanna is the author of two books, Fruit of My Spirit and Signs in Life.

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